Boomers Eye Retirement in Victoria B.C.

The beautiful mild climate and quality of living in Victoria has 15% of all Canadians looking to retire in our garden city.

According a Retirement Institute report on where Canadians plan to retire ,85% of Canadians intend to stay in Canada, and 15% of baby boomers intend to retire in Victoria.The study indicates a combination of weather, finances and family tend to be the key motivators when trying to decide on where to retire, and it appears Victoria is the retirement capital of Canada. I am not suprised at these finding and being in the real estate industry Read more »We specialise in services including: Please click on a question to reveal the answer. for near 20 yrs now i see a swing in the age group of people coming here, back in the early 90″s it was people over 60 relocating here but now families Hopefully, will see to it that you do not get lost elsewhere and will help you remain the person you really are. are coming in starting up or buying business and making Victoria their permanent home, and then the families follow.

Interesting that 39% of Albertans wanted to retire in Rose country while 26% would opt for Victoria.

Calgary and Toronto lead Canada in cross country retirement to Victoria, as there respective real estate values are now very similar to our garden city and that helps make the financial transition a lot easier.

According to the real estate board, 14% of all sales last year were made by out-of-town-buyers, while over the first 6 months of this year that number increased to 17 %. All these factors have a very strong economic impact for greater Victoria helping drive this beautiful place I love to call home……….